A typical scientist? (Re: Evidence . . . .

Gil Hardwick (gil@landmark.iinet.net.au)
Thu, 11 May 1995 02:52:36 GMT

In article <Admin.0x0v@oubliette.COM>, Eric Shook (Panopticon@oubliette.COM) writes:
>PS: Is this guy a typical sci.astro poster? Everyone else seemed to
>understand the relatively simple point that I was making. What did I just
>get lucky and attract the sci.astro newgroup kook?

No, he is not, Eric, and it would be a grievous disservice to science
that any of these people were allowed any credibility whatsoever.

While without wishing to spook a conspiracy theory, we do know that
extreme right wing political "think tanks" and their sympathisers have
been flooding the "left", "green", and "alternative" Usenet groups
with deliberate flame bait. It is not possible that one or two people
can achieve such extensive coverage of so very many groups, although
the pattern is becoming a familiar one.

Carl Lydick, Steinn Siggurdson, and others (note I have removed Bruce
Scott from the short list) are well known to us as supporters of "John
McCarthy" of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. I quote the
name here not because I doubt that the person is real, but because it
is not possible that he acting alone is able to achieve such coverage
as he does.

That is, the Internet character "John McCarthy" is undoubtedly the
Hoover Institute itself, seeking deliberately and systematically to
diminish its political enemies.

We are currently investigating too a similarly far too ubiquitous a
flame war participant calling itself "Rack Jite".