Re: Star Trek fans, what do you think?

Allan Dunn (
11 May 1995 01:14:37 GMT

: "Trekkers" is nothing more than another of these American hyped-up
: neologisms for Couch Potato. "Fandom of Trek" is nothing more than
: the usual hypnotic stare of square eyes sitting on top of a lump of
: lard nestled permanently into the settee.

: You want to do a term paper on people sitting there endlessly glued to
: the TV? God help us all, THE PITS!
: You want to do an ethnography on American couch potatoes? One thing,
: with only one sentence to write you are certainly not going to be
: accused of wasting paper. That's a fact!

Please enlighten someone who is not a student or practitioner of
anthropology (although I would like to think that I study the human
species on a daily basis). Why is it that contemporary Western cultures
are not subject to anthropological study, while contemporary pre-tech and
pre-industry cultures are considered MORE important?
I understand the usefulness in the study of other cultures, i.e.
studying unique solutions to common problems, understanding our common
pre-tech,indust. origins. What I do not understand is the general
distain of Western culture to study? Are we waiting for someone to
emerge from an "untainted" culture to study Western culture, or will
study of "Western culture" continue to be the realm of sociology- and WHY?

Although I am not a Trekkie, I realize that the electronic mediums have
become a major source of information, replacing personal oral relating of
the same in other cultures. What is wrong with turning the anthro-lens
back on ourselves in an objective manner? We are not different species,
the mediums and implements are different, but much of the baggage is
remarkably similar. Trek relates to certain constants and solutions in
the human condition- whether those who watch those particular programs are
"couch potatoes" (and I know many active people who enjoy this show) is a
blanket judgement of this culture that is loaded with bias. What do you
do for fun? Ski-bunny, party-animal, beach-bum, cineaddict etc.....AD.