Re: Gender differences

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 11 May 1995 02:35:00 GMT

In article <3ojlk6$>, Bryant ( writes:
>Are humans considered sexually dimorphic in size. My subjective
>impression is that men are taller (not just more robust) than women. Is
>that generally accepted by anthropologists?

No they are not, and no it is not. People come in all shapes and
sizes. For every tall woman an anthropologist will find you a short
man, and vice versa.

Nor are any other of your particular subjective impressions accepted
by anthropologists as more than the usual crud with which you choose
to preoccupy yourself..

>If so, does it imply behavioral correlates (greater aggression in men)?

Not it does not.

As you well know, these questions have been addressed in great detail
throughout the entire corpus of anthropological literature. Were you
seriously interested in studying the question, that is where you
would begin to look first, yes?

Instead of trying to provoke yet another flame-war here with your
continuing drivel.