Re: This cultural vandalism (Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory")

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9 May 1995 14:35:29 GMT

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Hugh Gibbons <hgibbons@hoshi.Colorado.EDU> wrote:
>Are you trying to say that the physical sciences and their applicatiosn
>*haven't* contributed to destruction of the environment, longer
>lives for humans (whether they need it or not) and widespread
>overpopulation? Certainly they have. They have enabled all of it,
>and done a lot of other good and evil besides.

The application of the physical sciences have contributed to both the
destruction and the protection of the environment. As we have become
more advanced in our physical sciences we have decreased the amount of
damage to the environment per person. Over population is a social issue
not a scientific one since we have long known about birth control. Even
people who are still using slash and burn agriculture often have access
to birth control in some form.

The "longer lives (whether they need it or not)" is also a social issue.
People often, irresponcably, get together in group and create laws
against such things as murder. It is obvious that in an over populated
world it is every parent resonciblity to kill enough of the offspring of
others to ensure the resources need by their children.

>Me, I'm an applied science type myself. When it comes to anthropology,
>I'm most interested in

>[1] Why do humans behave the way they do and
Because we are real nasty
>[2] Can we get them to behave any better?
You can't. You can only make them behave badly towards someone you dont
care about so you no longer notice it.

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