Re: Star Trek fans, what do you think?

BethJT (
9 May 1995 02:54:33 -0400

Andrew House said:

<I am writing a term paper on the entertainment 'sub-culture' of
<Star Trek- focusing on the fans. [snip, snip] This term paper is an
<anthropological report and it will examine the Trek culture from an
<anthropological standpoint. [More snipping]

I would strongly recommend you take a look at the book _Textual Poaching_
by Henry Jenkins. Although Jenkins is a Prof of literature, he discusses
Star Trek fandom (& other fan groups) from a social and culture
perspective. Fascinating read. Generally, I would say that most
anthropologists (like Constance Penley) would consider fandom as a counter
to the mass media which tends to demand a passive consumer rather than an
active thinker(s). I like both Foucault's idea of a counter-discourse and
de Certeau's idea of textual poaching to think about what fans (or fen)

Beth Tudor