Re: If god exists, what created god?

Marko Ronkainen (
9 May 1995 10:41:18 +0300

Rich Child ( wrote:
: Can God create a rock too big to lift?....there is a more simple answer
: than many that have been posted. God can do all things, He has done all
: things, and does all things. However, He cannot do anything that
: contradicts His nature. To ask God to create a rock too big for Him to
: lift would be like asking someone not to be human anymore, besides I
: think that there is enough matter in the universe for Him to handle.

Not to mention that being able to do anything and at the same time
*not* being able to lift a rock would be a logical paradox.

: If I may add something for anyone who may not believe...God exists, whether
: you believe or not that doesn't change anything. He isn't depending on
: your vote whether He exists or not. Just beleive and have done with it.

Or the other way round: God doesn't exit whether you believe him to
exist or not. Just live your life as you like and let others do the
The only way it matters, is if you believe he exists, then he does,
to you.