Re: zoosexual cave art?

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 08 May 1995 05:30:28 GMT

In article <>, Stephen Wray ( writes:
>I dunno... I just have this feeling that academics making any kind of noise
>about such things could find themselves censured.
>Has anything like this ever happened?
>Did any academic ever openly discuss (what seem to be) widely regarded as
>highly abberant sexual behavior and get into trouble over it?

Steven, the worst that might happen is when we are having a good
hearty laugh maybe the campus chaplain will walk by.

Here on the Internet, on the other hand, I did once have this wowser
accountant from U. Mich teaching at UOW attempt to have my account
closed down for writing about this American jock rooting his new
Australian wife unrelentingly, like she was a sow.

>Heck -- academics got into trouble over LSD of all things. Nowadays any
>academic discussion of (god forbid) beneficial aspects of LSD research
>(except for military applications, of course) seems to bring trouble.
>Bestiality might be in an even worse basket...

I see here that you are confusing universities with grade school. I
do acknowldge that SOME regents think they are in fact, while to a
lot of us fieldies the idea hardly comes as a surprise, but beyond
that I think you are simply beginning to imagine things.


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Is this the .sig you wanted me to think about, Steven? What would you
like me to think about it, perhaps?

Hhhhmmmmm. Far too dense. Too many asterisks for starters . . .

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