zoosexual cave art?

Stephen Wray (stevew@debretts.comp.vuw.ac.nz)
01 May 1995 11:45:30 GMT

A while ago, I tried posting an article on this to sci.anthropology.
It didn't get me very far.

Now that I notice these other news groups, I'll try again.

I'm primarily interested in philosophy of mind -- cognitive science etc.

The way that people in society view their relationship with animals is
relevent to my research interests.

It has been mentioned in passing in a book I read that examples of cave art
depicting sexual acts between human figures and animal are relatively

I have never come across any myself, and I have never met anyone who has.

All I want are some solid references, or some solid debunking.

I do not want articles from Australians about New Zealanders and sheep -- I
am not a New Zealander, I just live here. My interest in this is neither
fetishistic nor humerous.

Please email me if you wish -- some people may prefer to keep discussion of
what is commonly regarded as a rather sordid subject out of the newsgroup