Internet use for Anth/Arch (a suggestion)

Keith Dever (
7 May 1995 16:21:34 +0100

I have found that there are many uses available for Anthropology and
Archaelogy on the Internet and World Wide Web. I see that many universities
have a page for those departments on the WWW. I think it might be
advantageous for our discipline(s) to ease the use of those resourse for us
and our students. Perhaps anyone that has created a WWW page might help
(traditionally computer-illiterate) Anthro and Archeo -types create a page
for our departments. I have been to the HTML groups and they have been
useful but a bit overwhelming.

I can either assemble some useful comments or let the members of the group be
the judge. I prefer the latter as it is more democratic.
NOTE: If you disagree that the "Net" can be useful, please respond.