Obstetrical Crisis

[Stephanie Fishkin (fishkin@aludra.usc.edu)
4 May 1995 10:15:34 -0700

Hi, I'm a grad student in psychology who is
presently involved in some theoretical work
in the area of evolutionary social psychology
(well, psychological interpretations of sociobiology were
bound to turn up eventually - smirk). I was hoping some
folks who read this list would be able to help me.

I understand (Helen?) Fisher has argued that in our
evolutionary history there was an obstetrical crisis
(narrowing birth canal + increasing brain size = lots of
maternal morbidity). Is there anyone else who supports/
aruges for this perspective? Is there any evidence that in
our evolutionary history there was a period of time in which
the sex ratio was greatly imbalanced towards men, that women
were dying at greater rates at younger ages? Also, who has
argued against this proposition and why?

Thanks in advance for your help.