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>Here's what I'm trying to say to you people: HELP!!!
>I need some guidance! Some articles! Papers! Where should I be heading
>with this thesis! Bear in mind, this is only an undergraduate thesis, but
>I want to get it right :)

If you haven't read it yet, Sherry Turkle's _Life on the Screen:
Identity in the Age of the Internet_ explores some of the issues you seem
to be interested in. I'm only on page 79, so I won't give a review of it
yet :).

This is from the cover copy:
"...Millions of people now interact with one another via computers on
networks, where they have the opportunity to talk, to exchange ideas and
feelings, and to assume personae of their own creation.
_Life on the Screen_ is a book not about computers, but about people
and how computers are causing us to reevaluate our identities in the age
of the Internet..."

(Although I think people miss the point when they claim computers are the
guiding force behind reevaluating identity and personas -- having been in
an historical re-enactment group, I know assumed personas have been
occurring there for 30 years, and the same with role-playing games.
Computers have just aided in spreading it faster.)

Anyway. ISBN number for the book is: 0-684-80353-4, price US$25.00 in a
bookstore, free in the library :). (publisher Simon & Schuster, 1995.


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