Thesis: Virtual Communities

Aaron 'Vern' Hamilton (
16 Jul 1996 14:27:17 GMT

Hello. I'm an anthropology student entering into my fourth year of
undergraduate study at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia,
Canada. Anyways, I have this incredible urge to research and study some
aspect of the internet as it pertains to the development of virtual
commnities (i.e. IRC, MUDs, MOOs, newsgroups). I have already scratched
the surface with an essay I wrote last year centered around a channel on
IRC's EFnet. (View this essay at: However, I
really don't even know where to begin with my thesis. Societies all over
the world are being increasingly inundated with internet culture and this
is an area I would like to study in future years (no doubt this area of
study will be expanding in years to come).

Here's what I'm trying to say to you people: HELP!!!
I need some guidance! Some articles! Papers! Where should I be heading
with this thesis! Bear in mind, this is only an undergraduate thesis, but
I want to get it right :)

Thankfully and hopefully and running-out-of-free-summer-hours,

Aaron Hamilton, almost-B.A. (Social Anthropology)