Re: Thesis: Virtual Communities

Daniel Yee (
22 Jul 1996 12:00:41 +1000

Aaron 'Vern' Hamilton <> wrote:
>I have this incredible urge to research and study some
>aspect of the internet as it pertains to the development of virtual
>commnities (i.e. IRC, MUDs, MOOs, newsgroups).

>Here's what I'm trying to say to you people: HELP!!!
>I need some guidance! Some articles! Papers! Where should I be heading
>with this thesis! Bear in mind, this is only an undergraduate thesis, but
>I want to get it right :)


I started writing something on this sort of subject but have since
abandoned it. My bibliography (now severely out of date, since it
hasn't been updated for over a year) can be found at

It might be of some use.