Re: Possibility of Anthropology

Ted (
16 Jul 1996 22:17:52 GMT

Bruce Sanchez ( wrote:
: Is Anthropology possible? Can there be "objective" knowledge of
: another culture? Of other minds?

:) Well, epsitemologically speaking, there can be no 'objective'
knowledge of anything. We can only approximate objective truths, in any
science, although our approximations in some sciences seem much more
accurate than in others.

With humans as the subject of study, the approximations are harder to make
and refine. However, I feel the potential is there. If you believe that
homo sapiens is a biological creature, subject, as any organism, to the
pressures of ecology and evolution, then, yes, I'd say that eventually
the human sciences can and will reach the degree of 'objectivity', or at
least verifiability, that other, 'harder' sciences enjoy.

Of course, if you believe that humanity somehow transcends natural law,
then this all goes out the window...

I'd explain my view more, but dinner's ready. Take care,