Re: Possibility of Anthropology

Aaron 'Vern' Hamilton (
17 Jul 1996 14:15:36 GMT

Ted ( wrote:

: :) Well, epsitemologically speaking, there can be no 'objective'
: knowledge of anything.
: With humans as the subject of study, the approximations are harder to
: make and refine. However, I feel the potential is there. If
: you believe that homo sapiens is a biological creature, subject, as any
: organism, to the pressures of ecology and evolution, then, yes
: Of course, if you believe that humanity somehow transcends natural law,
: then this all goes out the window...

Hmmm.... I think "this" is going out the window :)

Like I said before, I *am* a bit rusty, but if we picture humans as
purely biological organism subject to "pressures of ecology and
evolution," are we not slipping into the realm of cultural materialism?
*shudder* I don't know how I feel about that stuff :)

Aaron H.