What Matriarchy? (was Drugs etc.)

Ashley Branchfeather (AshleyB@halcyon.com)
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 22:58:40 -0700

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>In <4sdvg5$epg@eve.speakeasy.org> mimir@speakeasy.org (Al Billings)
>> There is NO evidence for their having ever been a matriarchy in any
>>society in the world. Matrifocal, yes, but not Matriarchy. Perhaps you can
>>give some sources that I never found when I studied Anthropology?
>Recently, in Russia, they have found graves with women who were burried
>with weapons and men with the children. There have been many
>discoveries in the last decade which would point to martiarchy. I
>cannot quote studies, but they are out there. Maybe you need to update
>your study information with the current events...

In the absence of references (as Al requested), I don't believe you.

Ashley Branchfeather