Re: Jesus = Lucifer = THE Devil
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 21:10:39 -0700

The figures of Lucifer and Jesus can be traced at least as far back as
early Semetic traditions. According to Canaanite tradition, Ashtoreth
gave birth to the morning and evening star. The morning and evening star
appear in many mythologies throughout the world. Inanna, a development
of the Akkadian Ishtar (Ashtoreth), fulfills the same function in
Mesopotamian traditions.

Lucifer is a Latinized version of Heylel ben Shakhar. It is used in
place of Heylel in Latin biblical translations. Heylel is the Hebrew
morning star.

Jesus fulfills the function of the evening star. He is the elder
brother, who rises at the start of a new day, the mashiyach (messiah).
Note that the Hebrew day begins in the evening.

However, Jesus is never directly identified with a star. The prophecies
held that the mashiyach would be a star which would rise out of Jacob.
Totally in line with Semetic tradition. And, the wisemen followed 'his
star in the east', the evening star.

II Peter links the messianic concept with 'phosphoros'. 'Phosphoros' was
a Greek personification of the rising star, the morning star. The Greek
day began with morning.

Revelations refers to the messianic concept as 'prionos aster' (the
morning star) and as 'orthrinos aster' (the early star). The first might
raise questions (if we ignore the heavy Greek influences which pervade
this book), but the second clearly establishes the concept as the rising