Re: Jesus = Lucifer = THE Devil
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 22:34:12 -0700

After reading the recommended text, there are too many flawed arguments
to count.

For example:

> The word good is only derived from the Sanskrit root "gadh."
> This would demonstrate, once again, that the concept of goodness originates and > subsists independently of the bible book and christianity.

First, the bible does not use the word 'good.' It uses Judaic concepts
of 'towb', 'shalam', 'yatab', and others which have no clear English
translation. It also uses the Greek concepts of 'kalos', 'ischuo',
'agathos' and others which also have no clear English translation. Thus,
even if your etymology was accurate, it would hardly be relevant.

As for the origins of the concept of goodness, as far as I know there is
no Christian dogma which claims that the bible was the first to
introduce the concept. The concept of good and evil arrived in Judaism
through Persian philosophy (which Judaic thought helped to develop).

Anyhow, the concepts of good and evil are seen in such figures as Marduk
and Tiamat (the probable source of the imagery in Revelations, contrary
to the arguments presented in the text). Since these stories are found
in some of the earliest texts, it seems likely that they predate written
language. They certainly predate any Sanskrit texts.

A second flaw lies in your most basic premise for using Hindu tradition
for your comparison. (1) Both Hindu and Persian traditions originate in
an earlier Aryan tradition. Not surprising considering both groups are
from Aryan stock. (2) There are also many similarities between Aryan and
Semetic traditions which suggest influences both ways. Again, not a
surprise considiring proximity. (3) Hindu philosophers were actively
involved in the many arguments which led to the development of Persian
systems. (4) Consider once again that Judaic concepts of good and evil
originate in Persian philosophy. These factors stand against a concept
of Hindu tradition being totally isolated from Judaic tradition.