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15 Jul 1996 03:34:05 GMT (Steve Whittet) wrote:
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>I don't think the Egyptian concept of an "Afterlife"
>was "life after death", so much as a transformation
>of an individuals physical existence into something
>which would (precisely because it no longer existed)
>now Become a part of an infinite and eternal Being.
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I disagree somewhat from this. There are many scenes in tombs of the New
Kingdom showing the deceased and his wife plowing and reaping in the
Fields of Peace. I think they did have an idea that the deceased would
continue to exist in a sort of paradisical glory provided certain
conditions were met. These were met thru the spells and chapters of the
Book of Comming Forth by day and by other magical texts. Of course there
was much speculation even back then about what it all meant. Some even
wrote letters to their deceased relatives. Hardly worth it if they didn't
exist somewhere.

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