Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

William E. VanHorne (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 12:53:11 GMT

In article <3v3hbo$> (Whittet) writes:

>An archaeologist who had a theory about how blocks might have been hauled up
>ramps hired a mason from Massachusetts to go to Egypt and build a small
>pyramid the size of the blocks missing from the top of the Great Pyramid.
>The mason tried it the way the archaeologist wanted for a month, and managed
>to raise the pyramid a couple of courses. To finish the pyramid for the program
>the mason resorted to using a backhoe and sling. So much for draging the
>]blocks up a ramp.

Yep, that takes care of that. Can't be done. Not with our *present*
knowledge, that is. But what if we were possessed of the hidden gnosis
of The Ancients? Could there be *ways* of moving large blocks of stone
that we, in our blinkered ignorance, cannot even *conceive*? And just how
did the Egyptians manage to PRECISELY measure the distance from Cairo
to somewhere else and encode it in the VERY STRUCTURE of the Great
Pyramid in such a way that it can only be revealed by The Clever?

---Bill "find out and get back to us" VanHorne