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> .Technical point: "monogamously-paired couple" does not necessarily
> .mean *sexually exclusive couples. Pair-bonding in living, forming
> .social interactions, etc., doesn't mean limiting *sex to that couple.

I understand that terms can carry different meanings when they are applied
in different fields, but one must be careful not to confuse meanings when
crossing over into a new field. In evolutionary biology the term monogamy
refers only to mating patterns, not to social pair-bonding. Hence, some
systems are described as monogamous despite a complete lack of social
interaction (e.g., cooperation) between partners outside the act of mating.
In such a monogamous system there is no male parental care. Serial
monogamy is a term used to describe a system in which individuals mate with
one individual at a time; for example, they may be monogamous within a
breeding season, but have a different mate for each breeding season.

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