Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

HarryR6047 (
26 Jul 1995 10:20:42 -0400

From: (Jim Carr) writes:

"They built it in the middle of a graveyard. That might be a clue. . ".

Well, let's see exactly when did this monument become part of a graveyard?
This might not even be a chicken and egg question. Who says it's a
graveyeard. The evidence of your senses? Or is there some thought added.

he then continues:
"If you want to have some fun, apply the same reasoning to the size and
orientation of city blocks in Manhattan. Or why that Calder statue is
in front of Chicago's city hall. Or the angles used for the Vietnam
Vets monument. ":

There are some cities which have been laid out intentionally. And that
grid pattern has some meaning. Try Washington rathern than Manhattan.
The Vietnam Vets memorial, probably not, but the Washington Monument, yes.
. .partially because it was a copy of an Alexandria original.

Anyway. I think we partially agree. The disagreement comes when some
things are thrown in at random. Because the measurement even in certain
paintings, and especially in certain old rugs, are not random. Yes, there
is a certain proportion to everything that exists. If you are going to
build an arch then the arch has to have certain properties, or it will
fall down. But if you build an arch that violates one of those
properties, and it doesn't fall down, then you'd better start looking for

Or if something happens to come up again again again, then there may be a
reason not just "coincidence."