Re: Male Parental Investment

RossWilymz (
22 Jul 1995 12:46:05 -0400

From: (Barbara Saunders)

.>: In fact, if you are going to talk about evolution, do it with the
.>: The history of the world is not filled with monogamously-paired
.>: but with men who had sex with lots of different women. A man who was
.>: *not* monogamous was far, far more likely to have *more* offspring.
.>I'd be interested to see your sources for this claim. Here's what
.>some anthropologists and psychologists have to say about it:
.Technical point: "monogamously-paired couple" does not necessarily
.mean *sexually exclusive couples. Pair-bonding in living, forming
.social interactions, etc., doesn't mean limiting *sex to that couple.

Yes, indeed. I was amazed about this when I started reading anthro. But
somehow my wife doesn't buy into the differentiation.

"But, *honey*, this is SCIENCE!"