Mon, 10 Jul 95 15:04:54 -0500

NE> In a non-polygynous society, the most adaptive approach (for men) would
NE>seem to be short-term pair bonds, each lasting long enough for offspring to
NE>survive the early years of childhood.


Would you specify, please, the exact amount of time you refer to as
"short-term"? It just seems to me that if the male sticks around long
enough for one offspring to "survive the early years of childhood,"
there's another offspring on the way, so he then sticks around to take
care of that one, and then the next one, and so on.

Are we talking about archaic homo sapiens here, or homo erectus, or a.
afarensis? And are you suggesting that the males of any of those
species had an inkling that the infant born from the female's belly
carried their genes? If they didn't know it was their kid, why would
they stick around a pregnant or lactating mother whose main interest was
the kids?


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