Mon, 10 Jul 95 15:04:54 -0500

NE> (BARD) writes:

NE>> [various legal threats]

NE>> Finally, it may be of some small interest for you to know that my
NE>> family has a long tradition in Albany. Both my father and grandfath
NE>> served with distinction under both Corning administrations.

NE>> You should also be aware that although long out of politics, my fat
NE>> was incensed at what I told him is happening here and is very much
NE>> interested in meeting your department head himself.

NE> *chuckle*. and my daddy's bigger than your daddy...

NE> annette

NE> (hoping that this will set off some interesting anthropological
NE>debate on conflict and conflict resolution :)

<G> Yes, indeedy, I take it back, Bryant; maybe there is a need for
these daddys to stick around until the kids grow up!


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