Mon, 10 Jul 95 15:04:53 -0500

NE>Were you a high school kid or a recreational cybersurfer, I wouldn't be
NE>as annoyed at your unwarranted (and bizzare) assertions and subsequent
NE>avoidance dances around my questions. But you'll be teaching people,
NE>presumably. You'll be confusing the hell out of them, from the looks of
NE>it. You really have an obligation as an academe to learn that of which
NE>you speak. You're obviously very confused about the nature of the
NE>selectionist/constraint schools of evolutionary theory, and of what
NE>adaptationism is really about.

NE>Did you want, at least, to clarify what you meant in your comment about
NE>Australopithecine penii size?!


All this yip-yapping about australopithecine penis sizes got me so
worked up and curious that I went to the library and got me a picture
book by a Dr. Donald C. Johanson (Is he a real anthropologist? The book
claims that he's "the foremost anthropologist," but I figured y'all
would know.) and anyway, in this book, *Journey from the Dawn*, which is
all about the daily life of an austrolopithecine family, catching fish
and stealing ostrich eggs and all, you know, this anthropologist shows
lots of very realistic pictures of something called a. afarensis, and I
can tell you for a fact that the adult males have very teeny weeny
penes, I mean not like any I ever saw, while the females have pendulous
boobs, so that should settle it, and y'all don't have to argue any more!


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