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11 Jul 1995 22:32:54 GMT

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>All this yip-yapping about australopithecine penis sizes got me so
>worked up and curious that I went to the library and got me a picture
>book by a Dr. Donald C. Johanson (Is he a real anthropologist? The book
>claims that he's "the foremost anthropologist," but I figured y'all
>would know.) and anyway, in this book, *Journey from the Dawn*, which is
>all about the daily life of an austrolopithecine family, catching fish
>and stealing ostrich eggs and all, you know, this anthropologist shows
>lots of very realistic pictures of something called a. afarensis, and I
>can tell you for a fact that the adult males have very teeny weeny
>penes, I mean not like any I ever saw, while the females have pendulous
>boobs, so that should settle it, and y'all don't have to argue any more!

Nobody, including Don Johanson, has any idea what australopithecine penes
or breasts looked like.

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