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>>I don't think the net will help much... If everyone was on it they'd
>>mostly be posting in and downloading from
>>alt.binaries.naked.women... According to the scientists that's all there
>>is, thats the purpose of life...
>>But we could talk about Krishna instead. That may just create a

>Was it not Krishna who used to get sexual pleasure from many many
>women (Gopies) including his aunt Radha? Then how do you claim that
>talk.krishna can restrain us from useless etc.

People always misunderstand Krishna's pastimes with the Gopis and Srimati
Radharani. It is a very difficult subject matter for us to understand
because we think Krishna is like us. But Krishna is the Supreme
Personality of Godhead. He is unlimited in every respect whereas we are
very limited. We are small an He is great.

Everything that exists here in the material world has its original
counterpart in the spiritual world. The difference is there it is in it's
original pure form whereas here it is reflected in a perverted way. So
this mundane sex life is a perverted reflection of the pure spiritual
relationship between Krishna and His devotees. Everything exists there,
but it is not like sex life here. There is a vast difference.

Mundane people consider Krishna to be a woman-hunter or a very lusty young
boy... But this is not the case. To understand Krishna's pastimes with the
Gopis one has to understand Krishna first. So there is a very special
book, Srimad Bhagavatam, which presents the science of Krishna. In the
tenth canto Krishna's pastimes are described, but cantos 1-9 have to be
studied first. Otherwise one will miss the point and think Krishna to be
an ordinary person.

"The acts of yogamaya make it possible for the Lord and the gopis, in
loving ecstasy, to sometimes meet and sometimes separate. These
transcendental loving affairs of the Lord are unimaginable to empiricists
involved in the impersonal feature of the Absolute Truth. Therefore the
Lord Himself appears before the mundaners to bestow upon them the highest
form of spiritual realization and also personally relish its essence. The
Lord is so merciful that He Himself descends to take the fallen souls back
home to the kingdom of Godhead, where the erotic principles of Godhead are
eternally relished in their real form, distinct from the perverted sexual
love so much adored and indulged in by the fallen souls in their diseased

"The reason the Lord displays the rasa-lila is essentially to induce all
the fallen souls to give up their diseased morality and religosity, and to
attract them to the kingdom of God to enjoy the reality. A person who
actually understands what the rasa-lila is will certainly hate to indulge
in mundane sex life. For the realized soul, hearing the Lord's rasa-lila
through the propper channel will result in complete abstinence from
material sexual pleasure." (Sri Caitanya-caritamrta Adi-lila 4.30)

So talk.krishna would be very effective in restraining us from
talk.useless. It has to be heard from a proper authority though. The whole
thing is spoiled if the speaker is not qualified.

>No offence intended.

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!