10 Jul 1995 23:39:22 GMT


The ramming and boarding of the Rainbow Warrior within the 12
mile exclusion zone of Mururoa raises some interesting question
for those of use who have a fundamental respect for living by the
rule of law.

What kind of law is it when agents of a distant country, busily
destroying the atoll and its ecosystem, can invoke it to
legitimise their violent treatment of the people seeking to
protect life?

What kind of law is it that promotes the pretence that Mururoa
is part of France, and that unprecedented nuclear destruction is
a valid and lawful way for the people of France to treat that
part of planet in their care?

We are expected, on the basis that the French speaking colonials
are acting within their legal rights, to stand back and be
passive observers as to an act of unprecedented global ecocide.

The European law of nation-states is a carve up of life which
is neither preordained nor a natural characteristic of life. It
is, rather, something which is historically peculiar.

Most certainly, it will change. And long after the bankrupt
notion of nation-states has been transcended, the damage done by
elitist French Europeans will remain.

In this century we have already had one insightful example of the
need for people to have a healthy disrespect for man-made law
with Nazi Germany. There are plenty others.

In terms of human treatment of life, genocide and ecocide are
twins. Both are abhorrent.

The Nuremberg principles provide us with the means for us to
invoke higher principles than the rights of nation-states in
respect to genocide.

But we are less able to deal with ecocide.

We are asked to accept, by the masters of war, that the need for
French managers for nuclear weapons is of greater importance than
the well-being of Mururoa atoll. We are asked to accept that
nuclear weapons are vital for the protection of 'The' French

If they are so vital, it must be said, why is it necessary for
French people to experiment with them so far from where they
live. If the weapons are vital - and it is possible to think of
far better strategies to protect the interests of the same people
(like good relations with neighbours) - then let that part of
life which seeks that protection also deal with the consequences
of developing the means of destruction.

Mururoa - located at the far end of the earth - is a means to
cheat on life's feedback and control flow of messages. Would
French people be as keen on nuclear weapons if they had to
seriously deal with the consequences of 'playing' with them at
home. At the moment they are pretending that, by asserting some
curious right over Mururoa atoll, they are doing so 'in France'.

"France", despite the arrogant delusions of grandeur, is not co-
extensive with the universe. "France" is an idea in the heads of
a small elite who regards themselves as born to rule (when the
growing evidence points to the contrary conclusion).

France is not the sole carrier of some vital part of life's
treasure ('civilisation') which would justify anything to prevent
it from changing (like the rest of life).

It is clear that the time has arrived when a serious challenge
must be made to the pretence that there is a place for French and
European nationalism in the Pacific.

What is particularly worrying, in this respect, is that with the
European Union, France can be seen as acting as the agent of a
reunited Germany. A Germany which, due to its earlier failure
this century, must also pretend to the world that it has peaceful


What are the terms of the various exchange transactions between
France and Germany which, on the one hand, allow a particular
French elite to return to power (a market for what French
products?) and requires that elite to resume its development of
nuclear weapons?

Who provides the funds for the new French elite?

Is a fascist Europe just around the corner? What hidden agenda
has been secretly played out all these years?

On my analysis, the decision-making elites in other nation-states
are unlikely to take strong enough action to stop this process.
Their own positions are a result of the same kind of thinking and
of ways of relating to life.

They will sense that the pretence that Mururoa is part of France
is that same pretence which is vital to the interests they
represent. They hide behind a false face which insists that they
cannot interfere in what goes on within the imaginary boundaries
of a nation-state.

With angels wings, we fly over the imaginary boundaries drawn
on life, and globally reunite with our Brothers and Sisters.

Half hearted gestures will be made by state mangers - designed
to satisfy the electorate at home, and not ever likely to send
a real message to the emerging fascist elite in Europe. A replay
of the 1930's again, this time with a chilling nuclear component.

Will we see nation-states sending fleets to protect Mururoa from
French nuclear attack? Or will we see yet another flow of flowery
French letters from professional elitist diplomats?

It is up to people to take action. It is up to people to stiffen
the resolve of their own representatives to put their jobs on the
line by getting real.

And up to people to take actions based on higher principles than
those which seek to bestow legitimacy on any action taken by a
nation-state no matter what. Civil disobedience is a duty and a
right of all peoples when their leaders make laws which are not
in accord with the higher principles which underwrite life.

We are presented with a major life challenge by Mururoa. A major
challenge and a trigger.

End the pretence.

Release the Rainbow Warrior within yourself.

Find you angel wings.


ACTION for those with clipped wings.

You can send financial or other energy support to Greenpeace -
as a Friend of the Rainbow Warrior (but insist that they reform
to become a movement with real control by the members.)