Re: If god exists, what created god?

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3 Jul 1995 04:29:27 GMT

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>>=>Yeah, God always existed. There was never a point at which he
>>=>exist. That's eternity... and if we can't understand that, we
>>=>can't prove that he exists. We must have faith.
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>>Because if we don't, then we won't uncritically accept all the
>>of the folks who claim to speak on behalf of god. It's one of the
>>successful classes of scams in history.

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>I have faith that there is no mystical being ruling all eternity. I
>place my faith in the future of humanity once it realizes what a waste
>organized religions are and everyone starts working together to
>By the way, I hoped to be able to discuss this in the Atheist
>but found that it was a shambles due to the invasion of Christian
>Fundamentalists who are trying to convert everyone! Rather than
>them to just go away and form their own board, mostly everyone is
>pointlessly arguing. It's incredible.
> Mickey

I was just going through this newgroup to see what was being discussed
due to my interest in Indian culture and religion. To my surprise I
found the above posting which was supposed to be seen only in the
Atheism newsgroup. I apologise for whoever is responsible for sending
it here.