Re: The Flat Earth? - Conclusion

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3 Jul 1995 17:20:34 GMT (Sandra Russell) writes:

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>>God makes everything easy for us, just possible. First of all, it's
>not really
>>a particularly important question (in the large scheme of things) what
>the distance
>>to the stars in question are. Second, our capability to measure this
>distance is
>>adequate. Therefore, it is by no means time to expect an emergency
>message from
>>God about the distance to a star. Keep in mind that God is a parent
>with a lot of

>ROFL! And what was our Parent doing during Auschwitz? Getting drunk at
>the corner saloon while nobody baby-tended? Or do you suppose that the
>millions of Jews, Gypsies, etc. and others getting tortured, starved,
>murdered, etc, in unspeakable ways, forgot to add in their prayers that
>their problems were an "emergency"?

What you consider to be an emergency and what God considers to be an
emergency are two separate things. Suppose God would strike every would
be tyrant with lightning before he could ever take power. The people would
never have any experience with such tyrants, and they would all thirst after
that powerful leader that they never got. Hitler didn't come to power simply
based on his own characteristics. He came to power because the german people
had some critical flaws in their character. Some very significant flaws that
could only have been solved through bitter experience. Similar flaws can be
observed again and again in different times and nations because it is a typical
flaw of human nature to give power to tyrants. Your emergency was..people
being tortured and dying. God saw this emergency, but he also saw one much
much more significant. He saw that the people would have to learn what a tyrant
is, and learn how to keep such from power, or else, the trend would continue
even in the afterlife, and jeopardize the stability of God's own kingdom. And don't
think God's kingdom is completely immune to such problems. May I refer you to
Satan (the dragon) and the war in heaven (revelations). God has to deal with all
of the same kinds of political situations that we experience here. One of his
ways of dealing with them is letting people learn in a sphere of mortality where
everything is just for a little while anyway.