Re: If god exists, what created god?

Paul Johnson (
3 Jul 1995 11:44:21 GMT

Matthew Scott ( wrote:

> >>People will believe whatever makes them comfortable. I cannot look out
> >>into the world and see the grace and beauty of nature and not see that
> >>that how smoothly everything runs, there would almost have to be a creator.

> There are adequate scientific findings to provide some backup for this
> statement including the observation that the expansion rate of the
> universe is just the right speed to avoid recontraction, and yet to allow
> for the formation of stars

Ah yes, the Anthropic Principle (the Universe was designed to bring us
into being). However, if the universe had not had exactly the right
combination of factors to bring us into being, we would not be here to
observe that fact. There might be billions of "damp squib" universes
which did not contain exactly the right combination of physical
constants to light up.

> >Yeah, God always existed. There was never a point at which he didnt
> >exist. That's eternity... and if we can't understand that, we
> >can't prove that he exists. We must have faith.

> Jesus Christ said that we were Gods.

Please cite chapter and verse for this.


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