Re: Is Levi-Strauss essential? was It still works? Avoid it anyway.

Rick Cook (
25 Jan 1997 12:38:12 GMT

Rijk van Geijtenbeek wrote:
>> Kind of like Marx for most economists.
>I don't know much about Levi Strauss, but I'm certain that most
>economists don't see Marx as a pioneer in their field anymore. Those >who
did nowadays like to forget that thought.
Most economists and economic historians give Marx full marks for
formulating notions such as the importance of economic factors and means of
production in history and society. They see Marx as having done important,
pioneering work. But they're not Marxists by any means and they don't agree
with him on most things.

Pioneers are seldom 100 percent right and many of them are much more wrong
than that. But that doesn't make them any less pioneers.