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On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, Elmer Bataitis
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>Stephen Watson wrote:
>> I dunno:
>> As outraged as I originally was by his (Ed Conrad's) attacks on St. Andrew,
>> I'm now inclined to take a more charitable view. Ed's reality-bending
>> has become soooo blatant, that I've adopted the working hypothesis
>> that he is, indeed, borderline mentally ill -- I think he is so
>> obsessed with his "bones" that he's become genuinely unable to
>> comprehend that he might be wrong. So I'll defend him from the charge
>> of dishonesty by pleading "Not guilty by reason of insanity". Does
>> that put him back in the running for KotM?
>I can appreciate the sentiments, but I've known many certifiable *kooks*
>in my time, and IMO the *only* great division between people in this
>world, (heck, maybe the universe) is between assholes and non-assholes.
>Ed may or may not be certifiable, but that doesn't disqualify him at
>all. In my eyes, it is really his being just plain nasty. Maybe I will
>see this differently after I've calmed down, but it was the sheer
>unmitigated gall of waiting until after S'nandrew had left to start the
>attack that got to me.
>> The University of Ediacara seems to have "experts-in-residence" on a
>> lot of subjects -- but one thing we lack, and could sorely use, is
>> someone with proper training in psychology/psychiatry, especially the
>> pathology of delusions, obsessions and bigotries.
>Good idea. This is worth a cross post to sci.psychology. Maybe we can
>convince someone there with some knowledge in these matters to wander
>over here and evaluate the Ed thread.
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Professors Bataitis & Watson:

A terrific idea!
I can only wonder why nobody ever thought of it before.

We all know we certainly could use ``someone with proper training in
psychology/psychiatry, especially the pathology of delusions,
obsessions and bigotries" to step forward and make some honest

I am all for it.
Just point me to the leather couch and find me a pillow.
Meanwhile -- when he's through with me, has examined my specimens
(specimenS, NOT specimen), and pronounced me mentally stable and he's
not too busy, do you think he'd have time to evaluate the both of you
and approximately 1,747 others.
The fact is, it appears that the two of you -- and ALL of them --
really seem to have been victimized by the deterioration of thousands,
if not millions, of brain cells that have caused THEIR delusion,
bigotry and lack of good ol' common sense.

After all, there's some sort of intelligence disorder when you and
they can look out the array of photos of intriguing specimens at
and insist there's nothing there.

To see the Haversian canals in petrified bone aside the Haversian
canals of the same relative size in non-petrified bone (and insisting
the surrounding structure -- the complete Haversian systems -- be
present, despite the fact that the surrounding structure disappears
via the petrification process.

To see the hominid calvarium, which was described as such by Wilton
Krogman, author of ``The Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine" and
considered the foremost expert on human bone in the world, then --
with little or no expertise in forensic pathology -- insist it's a
rock or concretion.

To see the petrified human pre-molar, with a clear view of its pair of
cusps, and read that an infrared scan, conducted in one of America's
top medical laboraties, revealed its origin is indeed organic, either
teeth or bone.

To be aware of the letter, written by Jeremy Dahl, a professor at
Yerkes Primate Regional Research Center, considered the most
prestigious laboratory of its kind in the world, in which, after
examining one of my specimens, referred to it as bone not once, not
twice but THREE different times.

I could go on and on.

Sadly, this long ordeal of mine -- almost 16 years -- has been a
Search for the Truth about man's origin and far-remote ancestry by
bucking a scientific establishment which is totally fearful of the
truth in this particular matter and using every despicable, deplorable
tactic to save its ugly wart-filled face.

I have long understood why the scientific establishment has stooped
so low -- has made such a total mockery of true, objective science --
since its members have no other course than to protect their vested
interests (very well aware that their powers-that-be are fully aware
of the incredible repercussions that would be caused in quite a number
of scientific disciplines).

Man as Old as Coal, for example, would relegate our lowest-primate,
inhuman ancestor to the garbage can and open the door wide to the
distinct possibility that we indeed were created.

It would also mean that we have inhabited the Good Earth for a long,
long time -- or we were here once, twice, maybe three different times
previously, but failed to realize our status as an endangered species.