Grad Student Travel Funds Available for UCGIS Mtg
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 07:41:28 -0600

Notice to graduate students with research
or education interests in geographic
information science topics:

We have just received notice from the
National Science Foundation that some
funds are likely to be made available for
travel grants to graduate students from
any university in the U.S. whose proposed
papers are accepted for presentation at
the Annual Assembly and Summer Retreat of
the University Consortium for Geographic
Information Science (UCGIS) in Bar Harbor,
Maine, June 15-21. Papers are being
accepted based on submission of an
abstract. Submissions are encouraged from
a wide range of academic disciplines.
Details of the meeting, abstract
guidelines, and information on awards may
be found at or
directly at
The deadline for submission is February 7,

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