Re: Mayan Ruins & Unexplained Acoustics

Angelo Campanella (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 01:22:59 GMT

In article <5c69dq$fso$> (Raymond Hanson Jr.) writes:

>However, on another occasion, in 1957, I visited the Roman amphitheater
>in Vicenza, Italy, which is more or less in the middle of the city. My
>traveling companion and I took turns standing on the floor of the
>amphitheater and rather far up in the seats and conversing in normal
>indoor tones of voice with perfect comprehension on both sides. This in
>spite of gazillions of Fiats and Vespas roaring around outside; inside
>the amphitheater, the sound was damped out to virtual zero-level.

You may be onto something!

I suggest you E-Mail contact Dominic Stanziale in Italy regarding said
noise reduction phenomenon:

Domenic and I have had many conversations on theatre acoustics in Italy, and
knowing his general interest in the matters of noise, noise measurements and
theaters in Italy, he may be able to bring forth (make field measurements)
some quantitative information on the subject (noise reduction of ancient
outdoor venue perimeters). His major responsibility is factory
and construction noise, but maybe there is a connection....

>Incidentally, the amphitheater at Vicenza is still used for such
>presentations as operas, and I have often thought how wonderful it would


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