Re: A Question I've Always Had About Evolution.

Ed Conrad (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 16:54:04 GMT

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Raistlin Majere <>
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> William DeMaree ( wrote:
>> A question I've always had about evolution is where are all
>> the creatures that are between men and monkeys? If there
>> are thousands of monkeys, and millions of humans, shouldn't
>> there also be many creatures that are only part way through
>> the evolutionary process (from ape to man). Shouldn't there
>> be many degrees of creatures going from man to ape such
>> that it is impossible to say: "that is a man, or that is an
>> ape"? I admit I am fairly ignorant of many evolutionary
>> teachings, so this may apear to be a very sophomoric
>> question.
>> Please forgive that and enlighten me.
>> William

> There's a website for you to visit: The
> archives. It's
> You'll find your answers there.
> -- raist

Then, William, after spending time at the archives and discovering
that just about everything stated there about an ancestral link from
monkey/apes to man is nothing more than rhetoric (hot air) -- lacking
even the tiniest shred of undisputed physical evidence -- turn to
where you'll be greeted with a much better approximation of man's
true origin and ancestry.

An excellent follow-through, at that point, would be to click on
to get a grasp of the stubborn and downright deplorable opposition
that has been -- and still is -- employed by the scientific
establishment to protect its totally erroneous theory.