Re: Mayan Ruins & Unexplained Acoustics

dt king (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 19:53:09 -0500

Raymond Hanson Jr. wrote:
> In this connection, I remember standing in the 'grandstand' surrounding
> the ball court at Monte Alban in 1964 and conducting a conversation at
> normal indoor levels of voice with people down on the ball court floor.
> Of course, Monte Alban is a very quiet site (usually), but the acoustics
> seemed extraordinary, and we all remarked this fact in our discussions
> afterwards.
> However, on another occasion, in 1957, I visited the Roman amphitheater
> in Vicenza, Italy, which is more or less in the middle of the city. My
> traveling companion and I took turns standing on the floor of the
> amphitheater and rather far up in the seats and conversing in normal
> indoor tones of voice with perfect comprehension on both sides. This in
> spite of gazillions of Fiats and Vespas roaring around outside; inside
> the amphitheater, the sound was damped out to virtual zero-level.

The tour of the Mormon Temple grounds in Salt Lake City includes the
Mormon Tabernacle. The tour guide will usually have the folks sit in
the back while she goes up to the front and actually drops some pins.
The sound carries nicely.