Re: where is the pyramid outer casing (Cairo)

jhaglund (""
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 17:39:13 -0500

John the ForeRunner wrote:
> > Judith Stroud wrote:
> > >The rest of the casings from the other pyramids comprise many thousands
> > >of tons of fitted stone which have simply disappeared. The areas around
> > >the pyramids certainly contain some of this stone, but a huge quantity
> > >of monolithic blocks has somehow been carted off during the centuries.
> > >I have seen theories that the stone was used in everything from other
> > >Egyptian temples (a likely explanation) to castles of Persians, arabs,
> > >turks, and even medieval Europe (less likely - the transportation of the
> > >blocks from the site would have strained the limits of these cultures
> > >abilities).

Most of the casing stones were used to build the Cairo Mosque by Muhamed
Ali in the 1830's. This enormous, beautiful mosque is open to visitors
today by anyone. Muhamed Ali was the Caliph of Egypt and was originally
from Albania (part of the Ottoman Empire). Ali and all Arabs thought
that any non-moslem temple such as the pyramid was fair game to make an
islamic mosque.