where is the pyramid outer casing (Cairo)

John the ForeRunner (elijah@wi.net)
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 10:53:28 +0000

> Judith Stroud euryale@earthlink.net wrote:
> >The rest of the casings from the other pyramids comprise many thousands
> >of tons of fitted stone which have simply disappeared. The areas around
> >the pyramids certainly contain some of this stone, but a huge quantity
> >of monolithic blocks has somehow been carted off during the centuries.
> >I have seen theories that the stone was used in everything from other
> >Egyptian temples (a likely explanation) to castles of Persians, arabs,
> >turks, and even medieval Europe (less likely - the transportation of the
> >blocks from the site would have strained the limits of these cultures
> >abilities).

I thought that the casing was still there when the Arabs took controll
after 600 AD, and that they took the stones to build Cairo (the New City).
The pyramids were regarded as having counted their 6000 years to 622 AD.
Adam 2256 years to 3122 BC Flood and 3744 years to 622 AD the Leader.
And the Arab religion was the new world for 1000 years.
Thus the pyramids having reached Armageddon
(where the new religion grows to fill the whole earth)
the pyramids were not needed any longer whether they were from the good
Adam, Seth, Noah and Shem or from bad Cain, Nimrod, and Canaan.
My source for Cairo built with these stones is

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