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Steve Portigal (
10 Jan 1997 22:04:08 GMT

Discovery is an unmoderated mailing list for discussing the discovery process
in product development. "Discovery" refers to the ways in which we try
to understand users and their culture - through focus groups, contextual
research, ethnography, etc., - and how to create products that will be
meaningful to those people.

Discovery is just one part of a product design process. Other forums are
available for other facets of design in more detail; this list will focus
on methodologies, issues, stories and so on related to product definition -
"the fuzzy front end."

This list may be useful for researchers, anthropologists, designers,
design managers, product managers and others.

Discovery is sponsored by GVO, the product definition and development firm
(but GVO is not responsible for the content of this mailing list).

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