Re: you bickerers about pyramids, your Bible theories disgusts God

Michiel Tiller (
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 20:53:23 +0100

The last major flooding of the earth dates back to 10500 B.C., at the
end of the last ice age. Recent discoveries has led some scientists to
believe that the pyramids of Giza and the nearby sphinx were built
around that time.

The sphinx shows signs of extreme erosion, which even an amateur
geologist would recognize as being caused by very heavy rainfall. The
last time rain of this extremity has occurred in Egypt would be after
the melting of the ice caps of the last ice age.
The sphinx is a sculpture of a lion. It's looking at the sun's rising
point. 4000 years ago ,when the sun rose, it rose in the constellation
of Pegasus, so it would have been stupid for a pharao to build a lion's
sculpture. Instead, 10500 years ago the sun would have risen in the
constellation af Leo, making the sphinx look at an image of itself.

The three pyramids of gizeh are perfect geometric figures, indicating
that their builders were good mathematicians and architects. Still, the
three pyramids are not perfectly aligned. The builders must have had a
reason for that. Comparison of the aligment of the pyramids with the
three stars in Orion's belt reveals that the pyramids are a
reconstruction of Orion. They are in EXACTLY the same position the stars
would have been 10500 years ago. The stars are aligned different now
because the earth's axis shifts a degree every 2000 years.

Furthermore, as every civilization, the egyptians had a creation myth
which said that the world was flooded with water in the beginning, out
of which rose the furtile land of Giza.

It's a known fact that the Egyptians were already a developed
civilization in 4000 BC, because even the inscriptions of hieroglyphs
dating back to that time are of a high complexity. Primitive forms of
writing have never been found.

Food for thought ?