you bickerers about pyramids, your Bible theories disgusts God

John the ForeRunner (
Mon, 06 Jan 1997 10:46:34 +0000

Scholastic atheists are too blind to see the truth in the Bible.
And the replies from the religious or those UFO nuts who stain
God's truth by using the Bible, fabricate the most contradictory crap
twisting reality equally if not more than atheists do.

> > >> Jiri:
> > >> Tomorrow, if I get time, I will explain in detail just HOW the
> > >> pyramids were built.

* they were built first by tunneling a shaft into Giza in 2170 BC
200 years after a global Flood, and 140 years before people were
old enough to die since three generations lived 430 years and the
next three lived only 240 years.
(means no honorable deaths or honorable tombs were dug or built
for those dying until death was viewed as not the result of ill behavior
but rather a global inevitable occurrence starting in 2030 BC.)
Noah at 940 saw the plunge in longevity from internal C-14
and Gilgamesh ran to him whimpering about what to do to stop it.
Here's Egypt's pyramid versus the Bible's.
The Great Pyramid being the first started doesnt mean it was the first
finished. Doser's could still be the first finished as currently claimed.
(the upper culmination is a modern view, not of ancient Egyptians).

Ed Conrad wrote
> > >Oooooooo, Ed's gonna tell us how the Pyramids were built. This ought to
> > >be good. If this theory is anything like his theories on mans origin I'm
> > >gonna be on the floor.....

>Dunkin' John wrote:
> > What's the mystery? It is all there at Genesis 6:4 if ye will only read.
> > The mighty men of old who built the pyramids were the unclean progeny
> > of illicit couplings between the daughters of the Earth and the Nephilim.
> > That is why the building of the pyramids ceased so abruptly. All the
> > Nephilim half-breeds perished in the Great Flood. That is also why it
> > is so dangerous for man to be experimenting to find ways of extending
> > life and strength by genetic research on people.
> > If such research continues, there will be another reckoning!
> > The voice of one sobbing in the Wilderness; Matthew 3:3

* this is assinine. Scripture clearly proves the Nephilim are not the
fathers but the sons born from the cross marriage. Further, the pyramids
were all built AFTER the Flood to count til the next global destruction.
They were NOT built by giants, and even Moses grew angry with you
wicked church goers he sent into Canaan to hear you liars come back
claiming the Nephilim were still alive in Canaan.
It is religious priests who fabricated the concept that Adam or Seth or
Enoch or Noah built pyramids to tell them when the Flood would come.
The pyramids were a post-Flood device to count to our own destruction
NOT the last one, the Flood. Modern scholars are not the first to have placed
the pyramid in a year before the Flood and thus conclude they were built before it.
Moslems used Africanus to claim the pyramid was started by Noah when
he got off the ark in 3258 BC. But because Eusebius said the Flood was 2958 BC,
the popular claim came to say the pyramid was built 300 years before the Flood.
Fabricating such sensationalism only serves to destroy faith in the reality
of Bible truth. So I find your own Bible claims as disgusting as the atheists.

Kerry A. Northrop wrote:
> The Pyramids were built during the Old Kingdom (2700-2200 BC ). When a
> pyramid was built the Pharoh decreed that the only work that the
> surrounding town could do was to tend to that pyramid. (Keep the food
> stores full etc..) These pyramid cults took food and manpower away from
> the Pharohs resources. There were less and less workers available to
> build the pyramids. Eventually the construction of such wonderous
> memorials to past kings was ceased because it became too costly to
> continue.

* the two URL locations I posted show the difference between Egypt's
post-Flood pyramid and the Bible's post-Flood pyramid. If any airshaft angles
are incorrect please let me know. I would like to know the length, heighth,
width, and angle of all four airshafts.

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