Re: SUPER BOWL champions of scientific SUBTERFUGE

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Sun, 05 Jan 1997 14:25:40 -0800

Ed Conrad wrote:
> On Sat, 04 Jan 1997 20:37:35 -0800, "henry l. barwood"
> <> wrote to
> >Ed Conrad wrote:
> >
> >> I've noticed that Andrew Macrae has announced that he is packing
> >> it in -- leaving
> >>
> >> I can only wonder why.
> >
> >Nothing to wonder about. Andrew announced that he finished his degree and
> >is out hunting for a job. What's your excuse Conrad?
> >>
> >> Another thing, Andrew, I don't think you were fair in concealing
> >> the fact -- in all of our dealings, pro or con, over many months --
> >> that you are NOT a full-fledged professor of earth sciences at the
> >> University of Calgary.
> >
> >More piles of excreta from Conrad. Andrew announced many months ago who
> >and what he was, unlike Conrad. Since MacRae announced that he will not
> >see these posts, Conrad is certainly taking advantage of an empty field
> >to try and score points!
> >
> >Henry Barwood
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Boy, are you a dreamer!
> I am referring to your sarcastic comment: ``Conrad is certainly taking
> advantage of an empty field to try and score points!"
> Henry, you certainly should know I will never ``score points" in
>, etc., because, sad to say, I have long realized I am
> bucking heads with the reigning SUPER BOWL champions
> of Scientific Subterfuge.
> Meanwhile, you certainly remember -- how can you possibly forget? --
> that I had accused Andrew on several occasions of having produced
> fraudulent test results, while he was still with us.
> His total lack of experience examing petrified bone may be the primary
> reason he had come up a pound light and a dollar short ``testing" my
> two specimens..
> You also should recall that I had complimented Andrew for his hard
> work in preparing such good-looking web pages but, in the same breath,
> informed him in no uncertain terms that his official conclusion was
> totally incorrect.
> It may well be that Andrew was unable to identify the cell structure
> of petrified bone in my specimens because he lacked the knowledge
> that the petrification process causes the surrounding structure of the
> Haversian systems to disappear, leaving only the Haversian canals.
> In his adamant denial of this scientific fact, Andrew MacRae was
> wrong, he IS wrong and he forever will be wrong.
> I have not changed my tune and I never will. The two specimens he had
> examined in his laboratory at the University of Calgary are indeed
> petrified bone.
> I can only wonder, if Andrew had previous experience examining the
> cell structure of petrified bone, would he have been honest enough to
> admit that the cell structure of my specimens was strikingly similiar?
> Sadly, I strongly doubt it!
> Meanwhile, Henry, I strongly doubt that Andrew had done as you insist
> he did, having ``announced many months ago who and what he was"
> (a grad student, not a member of the faculty).
> If you can produce evidence -- a posting -- that Andrew had done so
> since I first joined the Internet last March -- ``many months ago" --
> you will receive my public apology.

Looking forward to your apology:

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