SUPER BOWL champions of scientific SUBTERFUGE

Ed Conrad (
Sun, 05 Jan 1997 12:37:31 GMT

On Sat, 04 Jan 1997 20:37:35 -0800, "henry l. barwood"
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>Ed Conrad wrote:
>> I've noticed that Andrew Macrae has announced that he is packing
>> it in -- leaving
>> I can only wonder why.
>Nothing to wonder about. Andrew announced that he finished his degree and
>is out hunting for a job. What's your excuse Conrad?
>> Another thing, Andrew, I don't think you were fair in concealing
>> the fact -- in all of our dealings, pro or con, over many months --
>> that you are NOT a full-fledged professor of earth sciences at the
>> University of Calgary.
>More piles of excreta from Conrad. Andrew announced many months ago who
>and what he was, unlike Conrad. Since MacRae announced that he will not
>see these posts, Conrad is certainly taking advantage of an empty field
>to try and score points!
>Henry Barwood

Boy, are you a dreamer!
I am referring to your sarcastic comment: ``Conrad is certainly taking
advantage of an empty field to try and score points!"

Henry, you certainly should know I will never ``score points" in, etc., because, sad to say, I have long realized I am
bucking heads with the reigning SUPER BOWL champions
of Scientific Subterfuge.

Meanwhile, you certainly remember -- how can you possibly forget? --
that I had accused Andrew on several occasions of having produced
fraudulent test results, while he was still with us.

His total lack of experience examing petrified bone may be the primary
reason he had come up a pound light and a dollar short ``testing" my
two specimens..

You also should recall that I had complimented Andrew for his hard
work in preparing such good-looking web pages but, in the same breath,
informed him in no uncertain terms that his official conclusion was
totally incorrect.

It may well be that Andrew was unable to identify the cell structure
of petrified bone in my specimens because he lacked the knowledge
that the petrification process causes the surrounding structure of the
Haversian systems to disappear, leaving only the Haversian canals.

In his adamant denial of this scientific fact, Andrew MacRae was
wrong, he IS wrong and he forever will be wrong.

I have not changed my tune and I never will. The two specimens he had
examined in his laboratory at the University of Calgary are indeed
petrified bone.

I can only wonder, if Andrew had previous experience examining the
cell structure of petrified bone, would he have been honest enough to
admit that the cell structure of my specimens was strikingly similiar?

Sadly, I strongly doubt it!

Meanwhile, Henry, I strongly doubt that Andrew had done as you insist
he did, having ``announced many months ago who and what he was"
(a grad student, not a member of the faculty).

If you can produce evidence -- a posting -- that Andrew had done so
since I first joined the Internet last March -- ``many months ago" --
you will receive my public apology.