Re: maize in ancient india: strong transpacific links are indicated

Paul J. Gans (
6 Jan 1997 02:13:56 GMT

Yuri Kuchinsky ( wrote:
: Carolyn S Hoff ( wrote:
: : why is it that this sculpture is assumed to be zea maize? it could be
: any number of grasses represented in an "oversized" fashion to compensate
: for limitations imposed by carving on stone.
: Carrie,
: You misunderstand. In fact there are _hundreds_ of such carvings out
: there, in those temples. So the possibility of misidentification is
: significantly diminished...
: Best,
: Yuri.

There are significant numbers of carvings of pineapples in
medieval churches too. And pineapples were not known in
Europe until modern times.

Of course, they *could* be carvings of something else, but
to me they look like pineapples and there are so many of them
so they must be pineapples.

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