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In article <>, (Ed
Conrad) wrote:

> Meanwhile, Henry, I strongly doubt that Andrew had done as you insist
> he did, having ``announced many months ago who and what he was"
> (a grad student, not a member of the faculty).
> If you can produce evidence -- a posting -- that Andrew had done so
> since I first joined the Internet last March -- ``many months ago" --
> you will receive my public apology.

I've been trying to avoid posting replies to Ed Conrad's nonsense in any of
the sci. newsgroups, but his latest attempt to defame Andrew MacRae's
character seems to have actually gotten at least one person to actually
suspect Conrad might be right. Specifically, this post:

In article <>, (AccessGuru) wrote:

> The whole point is did Andrew MacRae misrepresent his credentials to
> buttress his arguments in this group. Conrad is what Conrad is but what
> is Andrew MacRae? This isn't some fantasy forum where all the 17 year old
> cheerleaders are really men perhaps I am naive to expect honesty in a
> more serious Usenet group but if Andrew MacRae lied then he is as bad as
> someone who makes ridiculous statements about coal. IMHO
> J. Barry O'Connell Jr.

Here is an excerpt pulled off DejaNews from a post MacRae made in June of
1996, clearly stating his position. I think it also clearly shows that
he was honest and upfront right from the beginning, while Ed Conrad is
either a clueless ignoramus or a lying scumbag (you may make your choice
depending on how charitable you feel towards Mr. Conrad...and I will admit
that I personally do not feel very charitable).


Subject: Re: ED CONRAD's E-MAIL to Andrew MacRae (re: His colossal mistake)
From: (Andrew MacRae)
Date: 1996/06/03
Message-Id: <4otd8o$>
References: <4orkfi$>
Organization: The University of Calgary

[Newsgroups trimmed to I can not see the relevance to most
of these other groups until some new data is presented.]

In article <4orkfi$> (Ed Conrad)
> This is a copy of an E-Mail I have sent Andrew MacRae of the
> University of Calgary

I am not "of the University of Calgary". I do not represent the
University of Calgary in any capacity. My opinions are not theirs, and
vice-versa. Please do not represent me that way. My affiliation is only
as a student.

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