Re: Q: Did the lost continent of Mu really exist?

Bart Torbert (
2 Jan 1997 01:38:43 GMT

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>Please excuse me if this is a question that gets asked far too often, but
>was unable to locate an FAQ for either sci.archaeology or
>Is there any truth to the claims of Col. James Churchward as to the
>continent of Mu in the Pacific which vanished 25,000 years ago and whose
>history dates back 200,000 years ago?

The more I look at things the more I am convinced that there was some sort
of "high" civilizations before the Egyptians, Babylonians, etc. Something
nasty happened to them. Whether it was natural disaster or some self
inflicted destruction I just don't know. I think that what we are seeing
in the tales of Atlantis, MU, Lemuria, etc. are the faint echos of the
those times.

However---Stories of ancient glory days tend to get better each time they
get repeated over the centuries. The stories of MU, Lemuria and Atlantis
have had plenty of time to get real good. So I do not put much stock in
the works of folks like Churchward. I doubt what truth about these elder
civilisations that might be found has anything to do with the gold-plated
models publicized by all the New-Agers.

However I do pay attention to efforts like studying the Sphinx to see if
its exact date can be figured out. The oldest artifacts of technical
civiliztions need to be examined on their own to deter their age, not
simply assigned to the first culture that we know about that happened to
occupy the same spot on the Earth. There may be much that can be found
in folklore, but that takes a strange mixture of belief that this can be
based upon real events, but the recognition that most of what we see today
is tinsel and window-dressing added later. Clearing away the underbrush
to find the rose bush is very difficult.

Bart Torbert