Re: Racism and ancient history

Ron Kephart (
2 Jan 1997 01:25:16 GMT (Robert Snower) wrote:

> The only way to lick a culture of racism is to offer an alternative:
> a culture of individualism. Individual merit as against group merit.

I would counter that "culture of individualism" is a contradiction
in terms, because culture is acquired in a social group and is shared
by the members of that group. Also, becuase humans are social animals
a "culture of individualism" is inherently anti-human.

The best way to cure a culture of racism is to raise a generation of
people who have been exposed to factual knowledge about what differences
in skin color, hair form, language, religion, etc. mean, and, perhaps
more importantly, what they don't mean. One way to do this would be to
make anthropology a part of everyone's general education. I'm for it!
Any seconds?

Ron Kephart
University of North Florida