Re: Found you, Henry . . .

Greggory Senechal (
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 00:02:49 GMT

Michael Bauser ( wrote:
> Fact-checking time, again. Just geography, though.

[Gil's drivel deleted]

> Actually, Gil, Michigan State is located in East Lansing, Michigan, which
> is as about far "inland" as someplace in Michigan can be. The state
> government placed Lansing (the state capital) in the middle of the lower
> peninsula for defensive reasons--invading armies have to march farther
> to get to it.
> Your placement of Toronto isn't much better. Don't they have atlases
> where you live, Gil?
> And while we're at it, I grew up on the Michigan end of Lake Erie,
> and went to school at the Ohio end, and cannot recall encountering
> any Erie-wide cabals or conspiracies.

I love this stuff. At one point (recently in fact) I would
get all upset at Gil's postings. But know I (and others I know) have
come to the conclusion that he is one brick short of a wall.
So... As Mr.Hardwick is emerging as a perpetual source of
hilarity on sci.anthropology & sci.agriculture...., I have decided he is
worthy of a FAQ.
So, those of you who are reading this may send contributions
for the FAQ to :

Nothing serious in the FAQ, just anecdotes and such.
I will post nothing further on the newsgroup about this
(incredibly off topic) and will not entertain flames.